typo_13 (typo_13) wrote in noyarnforayear,

A call for ideas

I have a TON of yarn scraps. Most of them were given to my mother and I with the intent of it benefitting charity. Either the item knit would be given to a shelter or other place that it would be used. Or the knit items would be sold and the money would go to the charitys.
This is where you come in. Most of the scraps are acrylic. There are very few balls that are the same in weight.... I just need ideas of stuff to knit.
I would prefer to knit the items to be sold to benefit charitys, but anything is acceptable.
I want easy, mindless knitting. Stuff I can bring on the city bus with me, or that I can knit while watching Deadliest Catch. And I'm the moderator of this community,  so I dont want to have to buy anything...
Please post ideas/patterns/suggestions.
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