mirandaejwarner (mirandaejwarner) wrote in noyarnforayear,

Help me find a pattern!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a phenomenal pattern for a knit scarf that would be perfect for some stash-busting (as scarfs are wont to be). I believe it was on a personal blog. I'm dying to make it, but I can't find it! I'm hoping that my vague description will trigger something in someone's memory. Here's what I remember:

- scarf pattern (knit)
- intricate colourwork
- chart provided for colourwork (2 charts to be alternated for length of scarf)
- only two colours used: 1 solid, 1 varigated
- the person who posted it, talked about it being needlessly confusing (my words, not theirs)

Hopefully this triggers something!
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