Annilita (annilita) wrote in noyarnforayear,

Is today True Confessions day?

So, yeah, I guess it's time to update on progress.

Sooo... what's been going on? A whole lot of backsliding. I think it's technically ok, because it's all been work related, but still.

After the last Crochet Me, I was approached about submitting some designs for a book coming out on household crochet. So, I stash dived, but I'm to the point where color combos, fibers, and weights were not leaning toward household projects. So, I had to buy yarn to make up swatches for my proposals. In the process, PEaches n Creme messed up my order and sent me the wrong yarn, and they told me to keep it and sent me out the right yarn. So I have 3 cones of double worsted cotton and no plan on how to use them.

And then I got word that the publisher picked up 4 of my projects. And then I decided to go to TNNA.

While at TNNA, I got 6 or 8 hanks of brand spakin' new yarns to play with from various companies to see if I could get a design idea out of them. And I made contacts with the yarn companies that I'm using for the book projects. So when I got home, I called them and they all agreed to send me the yarn for the projects I'm doing for the book. And while I'm not paying for any of it, I have about 40 skeins of yarn on their way to my house. *ahem* Yeah. 40.

And I KNOW that this is all work related and NONE of it is going to go into stash. It's all going to get used right away, because holy crap the deadline is coming up fast, but still. I feel the guilt because as I use these, I'm not getting to my stash yarns at all. I have totally stalled in stash reduction and it's not going to get any better for a while.
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