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Bad, bad Anne

So, the last couple of months have been interesting.

First of all, my 'exception", instead of sock yarn, is that when I go to a yarn shop I've never been to before, I can buy yarn. I am still restrained and responsible about it, I swear. So, we went to San Diego since my last check-in witht he group and while there we went to 2 shops and I bought a half a grocery bag worth of yarn between them. Two balls were gifts for friends from knit club, and some was yarn I don't have access here to but goes with stuff in my stash, so I ifigured I'd buy it while I could. The rest was just fun stuff though.

Also since then, I did a swap to get rid of a bunch of my vintage patterns, and in the process, I got some yarn that way, too.

And... also... ok, this is all adding up... ALSO, since then, the last issue of Crochet Me came out, in which I had a pattern which caught the eye of a publisher, who asked me to submit patterns for a book on crocheting for the home. They wanted to see swatches for 4 of my 5 ideas and I only had the yarn in the right colors for one of the 4 projects. So, I had to order more, and as they were all multi-colored projects, it meant 11 skeins/hanks/cones. AND Peaches 'n' Creme messed up my order, so I have 3 cones they are letting me keep and are sending the 3 proper cones, so really it's 14 skeins/hanks/cones. If they are accepted, it's a paying gig that will cover the yarn expenses and yay, being in a real book is a major crafty goal for me and I'll be very, very excited. But, seriously, when the yarn finally arrives, it's going to be about a file box worth of stuff. And, of course, if the projects get picked up, I'll need to order more so I can finish them. But that yarn is going straight into the projects and not into stash, so they aren't adding to the stash as much as they are just preventing me from getting to the stash yarn I already have.

All that said, though, I have been productive. I've made a bunch of gifts and donations recently and so with all that, it's been ALMOST a wash. I think once the last of the yarn shipments for the swatches are here, I'll be up by half a file box. I'm airing out the stash today and figuring out alternative storage arrangements because the den with the built in cupboard where I have been storing it all is soon to become my daughter's room and I need to get all that yarn out of there so she doesn't destroy it. In addition to using under-the-bed bags, I've also got some vases and will be using them to store/display yarn in a couple of areas of the house (my dresser and on top of some bookshelves in the dining room we're adding on). As we remodel the house, we're changing up the decor, and since I need to store this yarn somewhere, I figured it's time to start using it as a design element until the stash is down to a resonable amount. It's pretty and it cuts down on the amount of Designated Stash Storage Space (tm) that I need while I work through various projects and such.

Anyway, that's it for now. One step forward, two steps back, but I'm back on the wagon again!
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