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Destashing update

I meant to post this update on my destashing efforts last month, but I utterly failed - oops! My original post was here and I've edited the original photos to cross out what I've got through.

I've been doing pretty well on destashing my wool stock:

Wool Update

From these, I've made stuff for afghans for Afghans and The Dulaan Project:

- 14 hats: 8 + 3 + 3 (the yellow hat wasn't from stash - oops).

- Seven pairs of socks : 1 + 1 + 5

The original photos were actually taken after I started making the eight hats so the skeins aren't full. I swapped the four round balls in the middle for something that doesn't make me sneeze, but I don't have photos of that.

Sock yarn update

A pair of socks for me, posted here in sock_knitters. My next project will also be socks from some of these skeins.


I forgot to take pictures of the FOs associated with these before sending them off to their recipients!

I have bought a few skeins of yarn since I started - however, one was a gift as part of the "prize" for naming homespunhelpers's blogspot blog (Crafting for a Cause), and one was an "emergency" ball becuase despite packing more yarn than I could conceivably require for a trip, I still managed to run out on a side trip. Oops.

Next up, some pairs of socks from the sock yarn stash....
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