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some slip ups, but I think I am back on track

So i had a couple of slip ups this summer. I went to Webs for the first time. How could I not spend money at Webs. I bought some yarn that I plan to use to make Victoria I also could not resist splitting a bag from farmhouse yarns In general I have been very good. Right now I am working on some Christmas gifts, I have officially finished the wedding afghan for my cousin, and I am working onthe argosy shawl with the plymouth bamboo yarn.

I was soooooo good today. I went to a new yarn store to check some things out, and they were having a sale. I was good, and even though there was alpaca on sale and I was introduced to the to-fout-sies, I was good. Maybe another day. All of the prices were great a this store, and I know they will be a frequent shopper once I am off the diet.
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i feel like a terrible moderator. tomorrow is september first. i havnt been updating this community at all.
i've been going through a lot of stuff, and i simply havnt had as much time as i would have liked to spend knitting.
i hope all of you knit through at least part of your stash.
good luck with everything you do!

Ok, so I haven't been around in awhile

I hope you all are doing well on your yarn diets. I've actually done pretty good, fallen off the wagon only twice and once because it was 40% off. (Who can't go for 40% off yarn?) The other yarn was bought with a specific project in mind, I only bought what I needed and I've already started the project. So far on the diet I've managed to use up a good bit of my stash. I've made baby hats, sweaters, and stuffed animals to use up my odds and ends. I still have more than I need to have hanging around the house, but I feel like I'm making good progress.
The other good part of this diet is it's forced me to pick up projects that I started and abandoned or never started cause something new came along.

I don't have any pictures of the things I've been knitting, because all the things I finished were gifts which I totally forgot to photograph before I wrapped them up and gave them away.
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My stash is down somewhat...

I'm moving to Cambridge in a few weeks, so today my mom and I sorted out our giant stash, so we could figure out what I was taking, and what was staying. Although I've bought a lot of yarn, we've gotten rid of a lot of the acrylic stuff. And now I'm using up all the eyelash stuff making things for a craft show I'm selling things in.

So here's the organized stash:

gigantic stash of doom

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I haven't posted here in quite some time.

I'm still doing the 'no yarn for a year' thing, though.  I've posted pictures of everything I've made in various other places, so I'll just recount. 

For charity: 
*46 hats
*2 animal blankets
*11 baby bibs
*3 scarves
*21 blanket squares

For myself/others:
*A scarf
*A baby sweater and hat
*A head wrap

I've gotten rid of roughly 49 balls of yarn.  It's weird -- the trunk in my room actually closes all the way now.  :)  Sadly, I also spin yarn, so that's taking up all the newly acquired room.
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We're getting near the end of this venture.

Only two months and one day left to go until we can legally buy yarn again.

So the big question is, how are we all doing? Have we made any headway into stash reduction?

For me, it seems like I haven't, but I know realistically that every little thing I knit brings me closer to not having my yarn takeover the apartment. I haven't had many FOs during the year, and I haven't been knitting as often as I'd like, but little by little, my stash is being managed, I've got some good projects on the go and some good ideas for future projects that will allow me to use up yet more stash.

The fact that I got my Ravelry invite may or may not be helping in the long run. I'm seeing tons of projects I want to make, some of which I have the yarn for (which is good) and some of which I will need to buy yarn for (which is bad). At least I'm getting inspiration, though. That's something.

A call for ideas

I have a TON of yarn scraps. Most of them were given to my mother and I with the intent of it benefitting charity. Either the item knit would be given to a shelter or other place that it would be used. Or the knit items would be sold and the money would go to the charitys.
This is where you come in. Most of the scraps are acrylic. There are very few balls that are the same in weight.... I just need ideas of stuff to knit.
I would prefer to knit the items to be sold to benefit charitys, but anything is acceptable.
I want easy, mindless knitting. Stuff I can bring on the city bus with me, or that I can knit while watching Deadliest Catch. And I'm the moderator of this community,  so I dont want to have to buy anything...
Please post ideas/patterns/suggestions.

Help me find a pattern!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a phenomenal pattern for a knit scarf that would be perfect for some stash-busting (as scarfs are wont to be). I believe it was on a personal blog. I'm dying to make it, but I can't find it! I'm hoping that my vague description will trigger something in someone's memory. Here's what I remember:

- scarf pattern (knit)
- intricate colourwork
- chart provided for colourwork (2 charts to be alternated for length of scarf)
- only two colours used: 1 solid, 1 varigated
- the person who posted it, talked about it being needlessly confusing (my words, not theirs)

Hopefully this triggers something!