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finally an update

This was what I had before:

And this is what I have now:

The new stash. :) It doubles as my printer stand.

Top Shelf: Caron One Pound skeins, the 'You Can Knit This' kit in its plastic case, and small basket of random skeins.
Middle Shelf: 'Big projects' yarn. Bag on the left holds skeins for a future shawl. Bag on the right holds skeins for a lap blanket. Box  holds leftover skeins for charity projects.
Tiny 'shelf' Between Middle and Bottom: Homemade cases for dpns and circular needles. Green pencil box holds odds and ends; sewing needles, row counter, tape measure, etc.
Bottom Shelf: Tub o' Yarn of Christmas gifts skeins, and a few current WIPs.
Other: Eeyore cup to the left holds the straight needles. Small container at right was a gift from a friend and is used to keep balls of yarn from tangling. When not in use, it's used as a short-needle holder. Blue basket in the far left corner is used to hold current projects. It works great for keeping animal hair out of the project, safekeeping the WIPs, and keeping skeins from rolling away as you work. (thanks, mom, for the tip!)

Slowly but surely getting there. Progress is sweet. :D
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