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some slip ups, but I think I am back on track

So i had a couple of slip ups this summer. I went to Webs for the first time. How could I not spend money at Webs. I bought some yarn that I plan to use to make Victoria I also could not resist splitting a bag from farmhouse yarns In general I have been very good. Right now I am working on some Christmas gifts, I have officially finished the wedding afghan for my cousin, and I am working onthe argosy shawl with the plymouth bamboo yarn.

I was soooooo good today. I went to a new yarn store to check some things out, and they were having a sale. I was good, and even though there was alpaca on sale and I was introduced to the to-fout-sies, I was good. Maybe another day. All of the prices were great a this store, and I know they will be a frequent shopper once I am off the diet.
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