megiknit (megiknit) wrote in noyarnforayear,

i have been a completly awful bad girl

I was doing REALLY well here not buying yarn....then I needed just a little yarn for a sweater. I was a good girl...I only got one skein of exactly what I needed. Then I got some commissions and I had to buy yarn for those and I was a little naughty...I ordered more yarn so I could get the free shipping. But then I was very naughty....I ordered some custom dyed yarn off of etsy...just for me...not even for something I was planning to make [with yarn I already had] that I could use more yarn for...a completly self contained project using only yarns I didn't have yet.

I think my caveat should be yarn on etsy doesn't count. I don't use sock yarn..yarn on etsy doesn't count!
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